New crush

A thing about me which I realised is contrary to my overall personality is the fact that I randomly get crushes when I find guys being nice to me, even though by his nice= totally faking nice because I want some action and I have to make up for being mean to you previously(I can see through it). So basically, one of the hot flirty guys, let’s call him JFH(just for hookups, yes it’s lame but idc) is being so cute it’s making my heart melt. Saying hi in the corridor, giving me stationary, waiting to enter the lift with me and majorly (and openly) flirting. Problem is, I’ve started liking him. Dilemma is, should I flirt back and hook up with him even though I know he’s being nice only to hookup, or should I not.

Pros- Hot guy, I like him, Greatly attracted to him, Rumour is he doesn’t kiss that well so no pressure on me, He’s trying for my enemy who keeps fighting w me so I can spite her with this win, He’s cool so people may find me cool also (although I’m already cool enough), By cool I meant maybe more guys will talk to me because otherwise they’re just too shy to, Hottie no 2 will get jealous, Feel good about being single

Cons -Rumour has it that he doesn’t kiss well, He’s trying for my enemy who will keep fighting w me over this and get even more jel and omg so much negativity, He’ll be rude to me after and it’ll crush me, People who might be jel or judgey will call me a slut -.-(may/may not affect me ), Too many guys will talk to me (ie they’ll think I’m easy),I’ll feel extremely guilty about this.

Anyway  so for now I decided to bring on my A game, flirt back and see where the future takes me.

Tbh I like him wooing me. It’s really fun.  He also flirts with my best friends. Oops I forgot to mention…

But she’s like please go for it! so ya omg talk about wanting a drama free life gosh


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