8-4-16 Being single

Date makes me think of dating and ugh that makes me think of me being single.

My relationship with my ex was the kind where you don’t realise how bad it was until you finally break up realise that it was all about the ‘faux love’ experience; nothing was real. One thing I realised was that I didn’t want love nor did I not want love. I never had any such expectations. The only thing I wanted was something true. It could be a true ‘crush’, a true ‘lust’ and if I was lucky, maybe even a true ‘love’! But anyway I don’t want to pine about my relationship obviously. I want to do something more fun. Pine about my survival in singledom. Haha gotcha

Being single sucks and rocks. It sucks because I want someone to look at me the way my friend’s boyfriend looks at her. I want someone to walk me to my school bus. I want to sit with someone in breaks and rest my head on his shoulder. I’m a hopeless romantic, not a “cold hearted person who pushes people away because she has commitment issues” as told to me by none other than my ex. It honestly made me laugh. Just because I wasn’t dying to get married when I grow up like all the other girls my age, doesn’t mean I don’t want to. All I want is a nice looking guy with a fit body who doesn’t lie and say creepy things to other girls and makes me laugh and travels the world around with me… Is that too much to ask? Well it shouldn’t be. I think I’m funny, smart, pretty and kind . I deserve someone amazing. And no I’m not being cocky, this is the amount of self confidence you’re supposed to have!

See I know I dumped my bf, I wanted to be single and I love being ready to mingle (sorry not sorry) but OMG it is so tough. I thought guys would be dyinggg for me. Well maybe they are, but they’re really being v secretive. That’s why there’s like on couple in my grade, rest all of the other people date from outside our grade plus there are no hook ups at parties. where r u boiz?plz. OK im kidding not that desperate. I’m so not settling for less. It’s go big or go home or go home with some one big. Haha jk. And by big I mean big brains and beautiful body plus face lol you perv.

So I’ve realised my type. Its the kind of guy that is tall and has a smashed up yet manly face with the kind of muscular arms that basket ball players have, lean and muscular. For eg, Toby from Pretty Little Liars or Cody Simpson, the australian singer, or this jerk of a guy at school. Why am I alwaysss attracted to the bad guys! ugh. But lately this really nice boy who’s v leader like and looks okay has been hinting things subtly. My question is, should I go for the nice  guy I’m not attracted to or the guy i’m attracted to who’s a jerk. Another super hot fuck boy likes me. Idek who to go for . I secretly want the bad guy. FML

Hot guy pls come here and stroke my hair and buy me sushi.

But i’m also happy I’m single, guys do more stuff for you, it’s convenient and a great ego boost. Great times. Waiting for someone who fits my criteria and matches me intellectually and physically.




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